Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smithsonian Quest Badge Complete

I choose to complete the badge titled symbol spotter. This badge appealed to me because I love to look at things that are visually appealing and find meaning in them. I think it gives you a more personal connection with whatever you are looking at. To complete this badge I had to complete 3 different quests. In the first quest I was required to look at a painting of George Washington and describe the scenery and how it symbolized himself and his presidency. The next quest talked more about presidency when it asked me to redesign the Presidential Seal. I was required to use the entire essential element of the old seal and also to add two new symbols of my own. Lastly I was required to take an image of my own to display the symbolism of the flag for the United States. After up loading pictures of my design and picture I earned this badge from Smithsonian

Founding Father Badge

The Seal Badge

The Banner Badge

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Live News From Haiti!

             The upset Hatians start to mount a revolt againt the unjust U.S. forces that are inhabiting their country. Their leader Charlemagne Peralte has gatherd some forces of his own and is now asking for forgen help as he attempts to defet the mighty U.S. millitary.Is Peralte just in starting this revolution? This reporter sure thinks so. Who are we to push our ideas on these people, who are we to destroy their way of life. As Peralte said "[The Americans] spread fire and forbid us to rebuild our wooden houses under the pretext of keeping the city beautiful." It is not the job of the U.S to micro manage all of the happenings in the western hemisphire. The counrtys in central and south america are more then capible of liveing on their own as they have for houndreds of years. Why is it now that we choose to colonize even after our Presidant said that he respects the soverienty of small nations. We still strive to be better then our European brothers but in that prusuit we have shown in ourselves what we hate the most in them.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Impact of Erie Canal

The construction and the use of the Erie Canal in New York state had a great inpact on the regions geography, economy, and social life. Some positives for the social life of the area was that the Erie Canal brought many new people to the area which lead to the rapid growth of cities and towns that were located on the canal. The quick and cheap transport that the Erie Canal offered lead to a lot of business owners being able to make more money. Since the canal was used so often it was able to pay for itself in a matter of years. The canal also provided numerous job opportunities to people all over the country.
Some negatives that came from the canal stem from the positives. Since it was easier to transport good and people many towns along the canal were infected with cholera, a deathly disease for which there was no cure. Also the tribes around that canal were angry that they had lost more land then they thought that they were going to. In addition the feeder canals would overflow and flood nearby towns.
Over all the canal was good for business but also became hazardous for some people involved in the canal.